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    Smallink is completely "de-googled".
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    You can use any feature on the website without any associated costs and pesky limits like: You can only use it 3 times a day.

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    Access all features from your application with a straightforward API. Go to our API page to learn more.

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Track metrics

See how many clicks you're getting.
Find out where in the world your visitors are coming from.
Check what browsers, operating systems and devices are being used to click your links.

  • Short links created
  • QR Codes created
  • Files uploaded
  • Unique visitors

How can I request features/send bug reports?

Visit our Discord here and use the appropriate channel.

Why do you charge for API access?

To cover the costs of hosting and support, there is a charge for API users, which includes some goodies. Visit our API page to learn more.

Can I edit a link or a QR code after I've created it?

Using your metrics key, you can edit the destination link(where the short link takes you) in our metrics page.

I don't have access to my short links, qr codes or something else...

Resources at tied to your session. If you access this website from another device your data will not be synced. You can set your own metrics key here, so you can view, edit or delete your resources from any device, as long as you have the link to them.

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